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Stichting Stilgezet

Stichting Stilgezet is there to provide insight into and comprehension of the emotional situation of patients and their loved ones before and after radical, often life-saving medical treatment which increases the quality of life. To make this goal understandable and tangible, experiences are translated into, among other things, a book, podcast, play, music composition, other art forms and scientific research.

About Stichting Stilgezet

Many people worldwide are undergoing medical treatment. Often it concerns major, life-saving medical treatment that has a major impact. Not only on the patient, but also on their loved ones and involved practitioners. The life of the patient and his/her family members and friends comes, as it were, “to a standstill”. This “standstill” of a life causes a wide variety of emotions. But how do you trace these emotions? How do you name them? How should a person’s environment deal with this? Questions that many people have to deal with every day.

Stichting Stilgezet offers tools. By publishing a book based on patient experiences, a podcast and various art forms, such as a play and music composition, the questions that patients have to deal with are interpreted. Art forms which will take shape in the coming months and years and which, in contrast to science, are able to describe the indescribable and name the unnameable.

Stichting Stilgezet also uses scientific research to clarify the emotional and social context in this important phase of life. When it is predictable how a person will respond, medical professionals can apply the correct individual emotional guidance preventively. As a result, people return to their starting position more quickly.

The combination of art forms and scientific research ensures empathy and recognition, which increases the quality of life.

Have I lived my life well?

Will I survive this?

Will I still be myself after the surgery?

Patient stories

Jan's story
Paul's story

Patient stories

Jan's story

Paul's story


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    Thanks to all the ambassadors and sponsors who support Stichting Stilgezet. Partly because of them, our goals are made possible.

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